The Antiquary (Sep 1914) - Notes of the Month

The following is a transcription of a historic article and may contain occasional errors.

On behalf of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, and under the personal direction of Mr. P. W. Dodd, excavations are being carried on on the site of the Roman fort at Slack, Outlane, near Huddersfield. The excavations are being mainly conducted on the site of the barracks, and it would appear that these were constructed mainly of wood. The foundations of one large barrack building and portions of several others have been found, and considerable progress has been made in tracing the streets of the fort, some of the kerbs having been found in excellent condition. A good deal of pottery has been unearthed, and other "finds" include two Roman coins, a bronze brooch and an axe-head. It is hoped to uncover the remains of other barrack buildings before the season is over, and to investigate the east rampart and the north-east corner of the fort.