The Annals and History of Leeds and Other Places in the County York (1860) compiled by John Mayhall

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The Annals and History of Leeds, and Other Places in the Country of York: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time

  • compiled by John Mayhall and published in 1860
  • 768 pages
  • source: Google Books


This volume contains in chronological order, the principal local and historical events that have occurred in, or relate to Leeds and other places in Yorkshire, from the date of the most remote authentic histories, down to the close of the year 1859.

The events have been selected and condensed from every source of information within the reach of the compiler, and through the kindness of friends, several curious and interesting particulars are now published for the first time.

Great care has been taken to avoid giving a party or political bias to the work, so that it will be found interesting to all classes of readers.

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