T. Brook and Sons, Limited

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T. Brook & Sons, Ltd., formerly T. Brook & Co., was an engineering and mill furnishing company based on Chapel Hill.

The firm was established by iron broker Tom Brook (c.1851-1929). The 1911 Census gives his address as 11 South Parade and records his sons as iron turners Harry Brook (aged 26)[1] and Charles Douglas Brook (19)[2], and engineer's clerk Tom Frederick Brook (22)[3]. A newspaper article from March 1914 states that it had only recently become a private company and that one of Brook's son-in-laws was involved in the business.[4]

The 1896 Telephone Directory gave the company's contact number as Huddersfield 363.

An invoice dated May 1913 gave their telephone numbers as Huddersfield 1481 (works) and 1482 (residence), and names them as "Engineers, General Mill Furnishers, Machinery and Metal Merchants".

Tom Brook retired circa 1921 (aged 70) and lived at The Bungalow, Thorpe Lane, Almondbury. He died on 10 March 1929, aged 78, and was buried on 13 March at St. Paul, Armitage Bridge, following a service at All Hallows, Almondbury. A brief obituary article in the Yorkshire Post (12/Mar/1929) noted that he "server for two periods on the Huddersfield Borough Council and was also a former member of the Huddersfield Board of Guardians." He left an estate valued at £8,615.

In the 1937 Directory, the firm was categorised as "Engineers and General Mill Furnishers".


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Notes and References

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  2. Lance Corporal Charles Douglas Brook died on 5 September 1916 in France "from injuries sustained in an accident."
  3. The 1939 Register lists Tom Frederick Brook as a "(Director) Electrical & Mechanical Engineer" residing at 42 Longley Road, Huddersfield.
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