Swan Bank Mill, Dunford Road, Holmfirth

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  • appears on maps: 1892 [#171]
  • location: off Dunford Road, Holmfirth
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: mill
  • notes: marked as "disused" on 1892 map, marked as "hearthrugs" on 1906 map

Reportedly built 1825 and the first in the area to use spinning jennies. By 1834, owned by Hinchliffe & Horncastle. By 1855, owner was Abel Cuttell and was then sold to John Brook & Sons circa 1869. By the 1890s, hearthrug manufacturer John Beever & Sons were in residence.

The mill was destroyed by a fire on 24 October 1924 and later demolished. A works was then built on the site.

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