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If you've found useful information on this web site and would like to help support our stated goals of making local history freely available, please consider supporting the site in one of the following ways...

1. Can You Help Add New Information?

This site relies entirely on volunteers to provide new content and to help expand existing pages. If you feel you could help out, please request an account or get in touch using the email address below.

2. Buy Something from the Shop

A growing number of high-resolution images of historic items — including maps, engravings and photographs — are available to download in our online shop, all of which can be printed professionally and framed. Purchasing downloads from the shop will allow the site to acquire more items to be digitised.

3. Make a Donation

There are three main costs with running this web site:

  1. Web Hosting — it costs around £200 a year to keep the site online
  2. Time — the site is updated by volunteers who give their time freely
  3. Materials — much of the content on this site has been located in subscription resources (such as newspaper archives) or via materials sold on sites such as eBay

The web hosting costs are met entirely by Dave, the site administrator.

If you have relevant materials that you would be willing to loan or donate, please get in touch! These could include:

  • old photographs or slides to which you own the copyright (or that are old enough to be in the Public Domain)
  • old pamphlets, leaflets or booklets
  • historic documents, drawings, etc.

If you are the author (or descendant of an author) of an article or book about the Huddersfield area and would be willing to have the text reproduced on this web site, please get in touch!

If you are willing to make a monetary donation using PayPal, it will be used to help secure new materials for the site. Whenever possible, any materials purchased will subsequently be donated to one of the local public archives so that they become available to others and properly preserved for future generations. If there are particular topics that you are interested in, please let us know and we will try to ensure your donation is used to source relevant materials.


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