Sunny Bank, South Crosland

Sunny Bank is the name of a row of south-facing properties, situated off Sandy Lane, South Crosland, and also to the general location where they are situated.


A well-regarded resident was gardener and musician Joshua Sykes (c.1800-1878), a member of the Huddersfield Choral Society who was reported to have played the same bass trombone for 54 years. On 17 February 1871, the Choral Society held a benefit concern in aid of Sykes, who was then their oldest member.[1]

A case of typhoid fever occurred at Sunny Bank in November 1879, although the local Medical Health Officer, Dr. Smailes of Honley, was unable to identify the cause.[2]

In June 1893, James Blakeley of Sunny Bank was prosecuted for poaching rabbits on the land of Fred Dransfield of Woodside cottage, Milnsbridge. He was fined 1s. with 8s. 6d. costs.[3]

On 11 July 1893, a severe thunderstorm passed over the area and one of the Sunny Bank houses was struck by lightning:[4]

A large portion of the roof was removed, the steps leading from the house to the rooms above were torn up, and the woodwork splintered in several places. A couple of pigeons that happened to be on the room at the time were killed, and two dogs were severely injured. Fortunately, the house was empty. Mrs. Lunn, who lives next door, was badly stunned, and complained of much pain in one of her legs. The lightning was followed by very heavy peals of thunder.


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