Sunday School, Crimble Banks, Slaithwaite

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  • location: off Crimble Banks, Slaithwaite
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: school
  • notes: initially built as a Sunday School it was later converted into Zion Baptist Chapel


The Baptists of Yorkshire (1912) by Rev. C.E. Shipley:

The Zion Church, Slaithwaite, has resulted from the gathering together of a company of Baptists residing in the village, who belonged to Pole Moor and other Churches. Beginning in a house at Crimble, their work was so appreciated that they were compelled to rent a chamber for the purposes of regular worship. In two years after this humble venture they rented the hall of the liberal Club, and opened a Sunday School (1885). The Church was instituted in October, 1886, with twenty-five members; twenty from Pole Moor, three from Golcar, and two from Rishworth. The Rev. E. Evans was called to its pastoral charge. In 1891, it opened its school-chapel, and in three years raised the whole cost of £2500. Mr. Evans having left in 1903, the Church turned to the Association for counsel, and, in 1906, Rev. W. A. Livingstone accepted the call of the Church, and remained until 1911. Slaithwaite is looking forward to the time when it can erect its much-needed chapel.