Sun Side (hamlet)

Sun Side was one of the two hamlets within the township of Slaithwaite, the other being Holme Side. The hamlet was part of the Honour of Pontefract.

Situated within the hamlet was the habitation of Wilberlee and most of the town of Slaithwaite.

In May 1862, a meeting of around 400 local ratepayers voted to adopt the Local Government Act 1858 for both hamlets.[1] The Slaithwaite Local Board was superseded by Slaithwaite Urban District Council at the end of 1894.


The boundary of the hamlet of Sun Side (compiled from the 1854 Ordnance Survey map) is shown below in green, with the remainder of the township of Slaithwaite (which was the hamlet of Holme Side) shaded in red.

Notes and References

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