Studies in Local Topography III: Clough House and its Associations (1934) by Philip Ahier

Studies in Local Topography: Clough House and its Associations was written by local historian Philip Ahier and was first published in 1934 by the Advertiser Press Limited of Huddersfield.

The book was part three in Ahier's Studies in Local Topography series:

  1. Studies in Local Topography I: The Halls in the Colne Valley (1933) by Philip Ahier
  2. Studies in Local Topography II: Newhouse Hall and its Associations (1934) by Philip Ahier
  3. Studies in Local Topography III: Clough House and its Associations (1934) by Philip Ahier
  4. Studies in Local Topography IV: Blackhouse, Fieldhouse, Flashhouse and Hillhouse (1935) by Philip Ahier
  5. Studies in Local Topography V: Gledholt Hall (1935) by Philip Ahier

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© Philip Ahier
This work remains the copyright of the Estate of Philip Ahier and has been made available on this web site as a Huddersfield Key Text. No further reproduction or distribution is permitted.


  • Chapter VII — The Clough House
    • i. Introduction
    • ii. Derivation of the words "Clough House"
    • iii. Description of the Clough House
    • iv. Description of the Gardens & Surroundings
    • v. The Owners and Occupiers of the Clough House
      • a) From 1549 till 1680
      • b) The Firths at the Clough House
      • c) The Macaulays of Huddersfield
      • d) The Rhodes' at the Clough House
      • e) The Scholes' at the Clough House
    • vi. The Last Days of the Clough House
    • vii. The "Remains"of the Clough House
    • viii. Stories of the Clough House
    • ix. Clough House Mills
    • x. Mr. George Scholes, 1805-1872, of the Clough House Mills
    • xi. Appendices

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