Storth, Storth Lane, Fartown

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  • also known as: Storth Farm
  • appears on maps: 1892 [#69]
  • location: Storth Lane, Fartown
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: cluster of properties

John Simeon (c.1822-1895) of Lindley was the farmer from at least the 1860s to early 1890s.

In January 1862, a labourer named Edwards was digging in a field at Storth when he uncovered a large iron posnet which contained around £500 in spade guineas. The Huddersfield Chronicle speculated that the hidden hoard might be "part of the plunder taken out of the strong iron-bound chest by the thieves who robbed 'Johnny Steele's' house at Blackhouse, some 15 or 20 years ago".[1]

Census Returns

  • 1871 — farmer of 44 acres John Simeon (42), his wife Martha (42) and their daughter Phoebe (12)
  • 1881 — farmer of 54 acres John Simeon (56) and his wife Martha (53)


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Notes and References

  1. "Discovery of Concealed Treasure" in Huddersfield Chronicle (01/Feb/1862).