Stonepit Hill, Netherton

Stonepit Hill, or just "Stone Pit", is the name given to the hill in Netherton which is climbed via Delph Lane.

The name is likely a reference to the sandstone quarry that was once worked on the hill, which is now bounded by Beaumont Street and Moor Lane.

Netherton Old Quarry

A number of small stone quarries were located around the village, but the main one appears to have been the sandstone quarry at the top of Stonepit Hill, sometimes referred to as the Old Quarry. Such quarries were sometimes public ones for the benefit of local residents, who were allowed to use them as a source of free stone for building and repairs.

By 1892, a number of properties and streets, including the Odd Fellows' Hall and New Street, had been built on land next to the quarry. Beaumont Street terminated with an access into the quarry. This remained the situation until at least the late 1940s.

In September 1900, the South Crosland District Council approved the Highway Committee's plan "as to fencing the quarry ... with old sleepers and 5/8in. wire rope".[1]

By the 1960s, Beaumont Street had been extended around the quarry, with further property development. No access is indicated on the 1965 Ordnance Survey map, implying the quarry was now disused.

Over the subsequent decades, the quarry was infilled and the extension of Beaumont Street was completed to form a loop onto Moor Lane.

The roads named Quarry Lane and Delph Lane remain a reminder of the history of the defunct quarry.[2]


Stonepit Hill

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Notes and References

  1. "South Crosland: Meeting of the District Council" in Huddersfield Chronicle (08/Sep/1900).
  2. Delph is derived from the Old English word "delf", meaning an excavated area.