Stocksmoor Station, Thurstonland

Stocksmoor Station (originally named Stocks Moor Station) is a station on the Huddersfield & Sheffield Junction Railway, which is now known as the Penistone Line.


For the 1857 Penistone Feast, the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Company arranged for a number of cheap excursion trains from Huddersfield. Unfortunately these proved so popular that the trains were full by the time they arrived at Stocksmoor and ticked holders were unable to board. The Huddersfield Chronicle reported that around 20 young men managed to climb onto the roofs of the full carriages, "preferring to risk their lives in the tunnels, rather than be disappointed of visiting the feast." After some passengers had been waiting over four hours for a train, "a general mutiny ensued" with everyone demanding refunds on their tickets. The station master, John Williams, wrote to the newspaper to let readers know that the station was operated by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company and therefore was not responsible for the problems experienced by travellers.[1]

In April 1869, beerhouse keepers Eli Dearnley (of Scholes Moor) and William Buckley (of Upperthong), and labourer Thomas Bates (of Manchester Street, Huddersfield) were charged with "taking part in a cock-fight" near the station. Police Constable Robinson had observed a group of 50 to 60 men assembled on 10 April, with Bates acting as a referee. The case against Buckley was dropped when grocer Henry Mitchell of Holmfirth have him an alibi, but Bates was fined 15s. and Dearnley 20s.[2]

On 18 November 1873, platelayers John Jenkinson, Joshua Stringer, and George Hinchliffe, were walking through a railway cutting near to the station when they found the dead body of "a man with his face cut off, and so much disfigured that he could not be recognised". The men reported the finding to Police Constable Gray who had the body removed to the Clothiers Arms Inn which was the closest inn to the station. The Sheffield Independent gave the following description:[3]

The man is five feet six inches high; apparently 35 years old; light complexioned; dark brown hair, very long, and inclined to curl; he was moderately well dressed, though some of the clothing was much worn. He had in his pockets some money, but nothing to give a clue as to his identification.


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