Stirley Hill, Almondbury

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  • location: Almondbury
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Discovering Old Huddersfield

Extract from Discovering Old Huddersfield (1993-2002) by Gordon & Enid Minter:

One fifth of a mile past the ditch look out, on the left, for a row of cottages named Stirley Hill. On a map of the area drawn in 1716 the land here was divided into three closes, High Sturlees, round Sturlee and Hay Sturlee, and Styrrleye is mentioned in the 1584 survey of the Manor of Almondbury. The name, though, is likely to be older as the 'ley'element, which usually means a clearance made in the woodland, dates back to before the twelfth century. The first element of the name probably referred to steers (young oxen).


Stirley Hill, Almondbury


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