Staff of Life Inn, Moldgreen

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  • location: Bank Field Road (now Almondbury Bank), Moldgreen
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: beerhouse

Advertised for let in 1850:[1]


To be LET, that well-known and comfortable BEERHOUSE, the "Staff of Life Inn," situate near the Four Road Ends, top of Mold Green, near Huddersfield, now in the occupation of Mr. George Netherwood. The house contains a capital Kitchen, three Rooms on the Ground Floor, with convenient Bedrooms and Lodge Room over; there is also an excellent Brewhouse, replete with every necessary Fixtures. Valuation moderate.

For further particulars, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN THORNTON, Auctioneer, Huddersfield.

In 1871, licensee David Waddington applied for a bagatelle & music licence at the annual Brewster Sessions.

According to the 1880s Alehouse Licence Register, the building was owned by Robert H. Tolson and then by Legh Tolson. The yard to the rear is still known as Tolson's Yard.

The beerhouse's licence renewal was refused at the Brewster Sessions of 1913 on the grounds of redundancy and the premises was referred to the Compensation Authority. Although the final licensee was supposed to close the doors for good on 5 April 1914, John Hall continued to keep his doors open and was eventually fined £4 7s. for selling alcohol without a licence.[2]

Licensees and Landlords

  • early 1880s — George Haigh
  • 15 October 1884 — Thomas Mallinson
  • 8 July 1885 — Sarah Ann Mallinson
  • by 1893 — James Durrans
  • 17 October 1894 — Joe Woodcock
  • 16 October 1895 — Richard Eastwood
  • 6 January 1897 — James Hirst
  • 18 May 1898 — Benjamin Armitage
  • 17 August 1898 — Thomas Davison
  • 21 August 1907 — Mary Davison
  • 9 October 1912 — John Hall


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Notes and References

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