St. Peter's Parochial Hall, Spring Wood Street, Huddersfield

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  • location: Spring Wood Street, Huddersfield
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: meeting house

Formerly the George Street Congregational Chapel built by John Kirk circa 1856, the premises was purchased and gifted to Huddersfield Parish Church by "Mrs. Laing, of London, in memory of her father, the late Mr. Samuel Oakes". Following a refurbishment overseen by architect Willie Cooper, it was opened on 27 April 1893 by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Wakefield:[1]

The building, which has been vested in the vicar and churchwardens of the Parish Church for the time being, is the one formerly known as the George Street Congregational Chapel, and forms a very compact and convenient block of premises. The ground floor is occupied by the large hall, which has sitting accommodation for 500 persons, and is approached from the principal entrance at the corner of Spring Wood Street and George Street. On the right and left of the vestibule entrances staircases ascend to the gallery, which is across the end of the hall and facing the platform. Staircases also descend to the basement, which is on a level with Spring Wood Street, and has a separate entrance therefrom. This floor consists of a large room for meetings, cloak rooms, kitchen, caretaker’s rooms, and lecturers’ retiring room, the latter having a staircase which leads on to the platform in the hall above. There is a smaller two-storied building with distinctive entrances at the back, which was formerly used for schools. The ground floor has been arranged for sewing meetings and similar purposes, and the first floor for the boys’ brigade, &c. The total cost of the decorations and fittings will be nearly £1,000. The alterations were carried out under the supervision of Mr. W. Cooper, architect, Lord Street.

The building was likely demolished during the 1960s.


Notes and References

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