Spring Head, Slaithwaite Road, Holt Head

This page is a bare-bones entry for a location which appears on an historic Ordnance Survey map. More detailed information may eventually be added...


  • appears on maps: 1854 [#30]
  • location: now on Slaithwaite Road, Holt Head
  • status: still exists
  • category: property

Now Copley House Farm, Spring Head Farm became known as Queen Mary's Farm after farmer Joe Eastwood and his wife were visited by George V and Queen Mary during the Royal Visit to the Huddersfield area in July 1912. During an earlier inspection of the route, one of the Eastwood's chickens was accidentally run over by Major Atcherley on Slaithwaite Road. The Major stopped to apologise to Mrs. Eastwood and paid her compensation. Seemingly doubtful that the Major was indeed inspecting the route for the King, she reportedly jested that the King might like to call in for tea. On the day of the Royal procession, Mrs. Eastwood was therefore rather surprised when the cavalcade did indeed stop outside the farm for tea and refreshments!

While Mrs. Eastwood was preparing tea, the Queen went into the kitchen and enquired what was on the table. Oh, said Mrs. Eastwood that is Yorkshire Fat Cake. The Queen expressed a wish to taste it as it looked so nice. Her Majesty then ate a portion with much enjoyment.

At this point Mr. Eastwood came in and the King enquired was he the head of the house, and shook hands heartily with him.

The Queen, inquired of Mrs. Eastwood's daughter Annie, "What is your dog called?". Betty replied "Annie, but we intend to christen it over again and call it Mary."

In the meantime the King was interested in a baby girl of Mrs. Polly Hirst a neighbour to whom he gave half a bun .The child said "More". The King said "Have you eaten that already" and the child opened her mouth to show the King then he gave her a whole bun.

The King also remarked that the roads were very nice, but he understood they had been very rough. This was evidently a compliment to the Meltham Urban District Council, who have made great efforts to put their house in order.

In an interview later Mrs. Eastwood said "£5 won't buy three cups & saucers out of which their Majesties partook of tea."