Somebody's Boy (Bamforth series 4791)

"Somebody's Boy" was a set of four hand-coloured postcards published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd. of Holmfirth.

The postcards were published as series number 4791.

Somebody's Boy (1)

A little cottage with the light turned low,
The door is open there,
A grey-haired couple in the fire-light glow,
Gaze at a vacant chair.
Their thoughts are far away across the foam,
There's something missing from that home, sweet home.

Somebody's Boy (2)

Somebody's boy is out at the front,
Somebody's boy is bearing the brunt,
Somebody's heart is aching, aching, almost breaking;
Somebody's eyes are filling with tears,
Glazing across the foam,
Somebody's boy will bring somebody joy,
When somebody;s boy comes home.

Somebody's Boy (3)

Some broken toys the old folks fondle there,
Tin soldiers, yes! that's all,
A tiny sword that someone used to wear,
What memories they recall;
The game of soldiers once he used to play,
But it's real soldiers that he plays to-day.

Somebody's Boy (4)

The postman pauses at the old folks' door,
A letter he leaves there;
"Dear Mother mine," it reads, "the fighting's o'er."
Two fond hearts breathe this prayer:
"Thank God, our darling is safely through,
May someone else's boy return safe, too."


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