Some Records of "Ye Chapell of Marsden" (1910) compiled by A.R. Barrett

Some Records of "Ye Charpell of Marsden" was compiled and written by A.R. Barrett, and published in 1910 by Coates and Bairstow of Huddersfield.

Arthur Russell Barrett was born in Kent around 1869 and was residing at the Vicarage in Marsden in 1911. He died unmarried the following year on 8 October, aged 43.


  • Chapter 1: The Beginnings of Marsden Chapel
  • Chapter 2: Marsden Chapel in the Seventeenth Century
  • Chapter 3: An Old Marsden Curate
  • Chapter 4: An Old Marsden Sermon
  • Chapter 5: Marsden Chapel and its Vicinity, 1729-1779
  • Chapter 6: "Bellas Town," 1779-1815
  • Chapter 7: Marsden Chapel, 1815-1839
  • Chapter 8: Marsden Chapel, 1837-1854
  • Chapter 9: Marsden Chapel, 1854-1891
  • Chapter 10: Marsden Chapel, 1891-1910
  • Chapter 11: Officers of Marsden Chapel (and Church)
  • Chapter 12: Treasures of Marsden Church
  • Chapter 13: An Old Quaker Tract
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C

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