Smith Carter (c.1864-1933)

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Smith Carter was a railway porter, fireman, stationer and shopkeeper, but is perhaps best known now as a gifted amateur local photographer.

Many of his photographs can be viewed online at the Kirklees Image Archive site.

He also produced a series of hand-drawn semi-comic postcards depicting local towns and villages.


He was born in Kirkburton, the son of blacksmith Jesse Carter and his wife Sarah (née Smith).

By 1871, the family had moved to Crosland Factory, South Crosland, where Jesse worked as a smith in a local mill. By 1881, 16-year-old Smith Carter was working as a railway porter.

He married Emma Redfearn of Bank Buildings in Meltham, daughter of overlooker Solomon Redfearn, on 24 December 1887 at St. James, Meltham Mills. By that time, he was working as a fireman. The couple had four known sons:

  • Reginald Carter (c.1888-1963)[1]
  • John Arthur Carter (1891-1981?)[2]
  • Eric Franklin Carter (1899-1986)[3]
  • Leonard Redfearn Carter (1904-1986)[4]

At the time of the 1911 Census he was a shopkeeper and general dealer of Road Side, Netherton.

By 1930, he was the vice-chairman of the Yorkshire Rural Friendly Society.

Emma Carter died on 21 November 1932.

Smith Carter died aged 68 on 25 June 1933.


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Kirklees Image Archive

Notes and References

  1. Married Lucy Jenkin on 20 December 1919 at Holy Trinity, South Crosland. Died on 24 April 1963 at 69 Moor Lane, Netherton.
  2. Born 11 May 1891. According to, he died on 11 May 1981.
  3. Born 14 June 1899 in Lancashire. According to, he died in August 1986.
  4. Born 1 July 1904. Married Beatrice Stanley of Butter Nab on 8 August 1931 at Holy Trinity, South Crosland.