Town Hall, Lewisham Road, Slaithwaite

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  • also known as: Slaithwaite Local Board Offices, Empire House (current name)
  • location: Lewisham Road, Slaithwaite
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: municipal building
  • architect: James Bamforth Eagland of Slaithwaite

Built by Slaithwaite Local Board for use as offices on the former site of almshouses, the corner stone was laid by board chairman William Varley on Thursday 19 May 1892:[1]

In beautifully fine weather, the corner-stone of the new office buildings to be erected for the Slaithwaite Local Board was laid on Thursday afternoon. The site is that on which the old almshouses formerly stood, at the corner of Station Road and Lewisham Road. The buildings will be in the Italian style of architecture, and will consist of a basement in which there will be a cellar, a ground floor, and an upper floor. On the ground floor there is to be a living-room and bedroom for the accommodation of the hallkeeper, a surveyor's office, and a stores office. On the upper floor there is to be a board-room, 36ft. long by 24ft. wide, an ante-room 13ft. 6in. by 11ft. 6in., a clerk's office, 13ft. 6in. by 12ft., lavatory, and other necessary offices. On the northeast corner of the building, out-offices and stables are to be erected. The woodwork will be of pine, and the slating green Westmoreland. The ashlar stone to be used in the ornamentations is to come from Messrs. Eagland’s own quarries, and the wall stone from Brighouse. The heating will be by hot water pipes.

The estimated costs for the construction were £2,000.

masons and joiners: E. Eagland and Sons, Slaithwaite £1,050
plumber and glazier: Francis Goodall, Marsden £80
plasterer and painter: James Walker, Slaithwaite £62
slaters: Pickles Bros., Huddersfield £106
iron work: Calvert and Co., Huddersfield £33
architect's fee and other contingencies £469
cost of site £200


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Notes and References

  1. "Slaithwaite Local Board" in Huddersfield Chronicle (21/May/1892).