Slaithwaite Notes: Past and Present (1905) - Chapter LXXII

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Chapter LXXII. Mr. Sugden's Retirement

November, 1904.

The Mayor proposed a resolution, thanking the retiring aldermen for their services, and said that Alderman Sugden and Alderman Whitehead, whose places they had filled that morning, gave many years of service on the council with zeal and energy in many directions and assiduity in serving the public in many capacities. He thought it would not be fitting if they did not place on record their sense of the value of their services and regret at their close.

The Deputy Mayor seconded, and said that Alderman Sugden had been a colleague of his for a long series of years, and he was always able to look forward to assistance from him. The same remarks, to some extent, applied to Alderman Whitehead. He was sure the town would heartily appreciate the services they had rendered.

Councillor Beaumont, in supporting the motion, said that Alderman Sugden had deserved well of his town, and he had been treated in a most scandalous manner for conscience’ sake. It was a shame that the Liberal party in that council had kicked him out of the aldermanic bench that day. Mention had been made of his work in regard to the waterworks question. That was only one instance of his many services. He acted in a straightforward and conscientious manner in all he did, and the reward was that the Radical party in the council had deliberately kicked him out, and that, too, at a time when death had taken his daughter from him and he was suffering from his bereavement. His reason for speaking was to emphasise the disgraceful way in which the Radical party treated good servants.

[The above is copied from the proceedings of the Council, with which the author had no concern, and expresses no opinion thereon but one of gratitude to his yet numerous friends, who have been constant in their devotion, and ever faithful. May this continue until and at the last lap, and there comfort and sustain at the end.]

Slaithwaite Notes: Past and Present (1905) by John Sugden

Slaithwaite Notes: Past and Present (1905) - Chapter LXXII


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