Slaithwaite Notes: Past and Present (1905) - Chapter LXVII

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A New Font

Chapter LXVII. Memorial Window and Font

At a large and influential meeting at the Parish Church it was unanimously agreed that the following should be the memorial to the two dear ladies: —

A window will be placed in the south-west end of the church, with a new font immediately adjoining. A couple of pews will be removed for the purpose, and placed where the old font now stands. The new font will be of white marble, set in a floor of terazza, and will bear the following inscription: “This font was erected by the parishioners and friends to the glory of God and in memory of Catherine Ann, wife of the Rev. H.H. Rose, incumbent of Slaithwaite, who died October 5th, 1904. ‘She hath done what she could.’”

The inscription on the window, the subject of which will be “Faith, Hope and Charity,” would run as follows: “This window was placed by the parishioners and friends to the Glory of God and in memory of Eliza Jane, wife of Mr. W.H. Brook, who died October 17th, 1904. ‘The memory of the just is blessed.’”

The inscription on the old font would be: “This font was placed in the old church during the ministry of the Rev. Robert Meeke. It was transferred to the present building in 1789, and substituted by the present font in 1905.”

Slaithwaite Notes: Past and Present (1905) by John Sugden