Sisters' Friendly Society of South Crosland

A Sisters' Friendly Society was known to have existed in the South Crosland area during the 1850s and was probably formed around May 1851.

The earliest newspaper article found during research was "Netherton: Tea Party" in the Huddersfield and Holmfirth Examiner (21/Aug/1852). The article reported that the society had over 60 members and that they paid in 2s. 6d. per quarter during their first 18 months, after which they paid 2s. per quarter. In return, they could claim a weekly allowance when sick, an allowance at the birth of each child, £2 at the death of a husband, and their family was given £4 upon their own death.

By 1854, they were named in the Examiner as the "Sisters' Benevolent Society" when around 100 members met at the Rose and Crown Inn in Netherton after attending a sermon at Holy Trinity given by Rev. George Hough. It was noted that Hough gave a donation of 5s. per year to the society,[1]

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Notes and References

  1. "Netherton: Female Club Anniversary" in Huddersfield and Holmfirth Examiner (06/May/1854). The article incorrectly gives the name "Rev. J. Hough".