Sir John Lister Kaye (1772-1827)

Sir John Lister Kaye was the first Baronet of Grange.


He was born the illegitimate child of Sir John Lister Kaye of Woodesham.

He married Lady Amelia Grey on 18 October 1800 and resided at Denby Grange. The couple had 10 children:

  • Sir John Lister Lister-Kaye (1801-1871)
  • Capt. George Lister-Kaye (1803-1871)
  • Amelia Mary Lister-Kaye (1803-1826)
  • Arthur Lister-Kaye (1805-1834)
  • Sophia Lister-Kaye (1807-1807)
  • Sophia Charlotte Lister-Kaye (1809-1877)
  • Louisa Lister-Kaye (1810-?)
  • Henrietta Emilia Lister-Kaye (1811-1878)
  • Maria Lister-Kaye (1813-?)
  • Henry Lister Lister-Kaye (1814-?)
  • Georgiana Lister-Kaye (1815-1877)

He became the first Baronet of Grange in December 1812 when he inherited the Lister Estates after the death of his uncle, Sir Richard Kaye, in 1809.

Sir John Lister Kaye died on 28 February 1827. He was succeeded by his first son, John Lister.


The Gentleman's Magazine (Apr 2817):

Feb. 28 1827. At Denby Grange, near Wakefield, after a short but very severe illness, aged 64, Sir John Lister-Kaye, Bart.

This family was first honoured with a Baronetcy in 1641, which expired in the person of Sir Richard Lister-Kaye, D.D. Dean of Lincoln, the sixth who enjoyed it, in 1809. The Baronet now deceased, having been appointed sole heir to the estates of Lister and Kaye, under the will of Sir John Lister-Kaye, elder brother of the Dean, was advanced to the dignity which the family had enjoyed through so many generations, Dec. 28th, 1812.

He married at Bowden, in Cheshire, Oct. 18th, 1800, Lady Amelia Grey, sixth daughter of George-Harry, late Earl of Stamford and Warrington, and sister to the present Peer. By this lady be had four sons and seven daughters: John-Lister, born in 1801, who has succeeded to the title; Amelia-Mary; George-Lister; Arthur-Lister; Sophia (who died young); Sophia-Charlotte; Louisa; Henrietta; Maria; Henry-Lister; and Georgiana.