Simeon Hoyle (1871-1922)

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Simeon Hoyle was born on 4 October 1871, the son of John and Hannah Hoyle, and baptised on 27 February 1876.

He married Margaret Ann Howitt in 1896 in Salford, Lancashire. The couple had four known children:

  • Lawrence Hoyle (1898-1947)[1]
  • Maggie Hoyle (c.1900-?)[2]
  • Nellie Hoyle (c.1902-?)[3]
  • John Henry Hoyle (c.1909-?)[4]

He enlisted on 2 November 1914 and served as a gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery, taking part in the Gallipoli campaign. He was discharged on 18 June 1918.

Simeon Hoyle died on 27 May 1922 aged 50 in the Huddersfield area.

Margaret Ann Hoyle continued to live at 875 Leeds Road, Deighton, and died in 1948 aged 79.

Huddersfield's Roll of Honour: 1914-1922

The following extract is from Huddersfield's Roll of Honour: 1914-1922 (2014) by J. Margaret Stansfield, although the name given is that of Simeon's young son:

HOYLE, JOHN HENRY. Gunner. No 49313. Royal Garrison Artillery. Born Huddersfield. Lived 875 Leeds Road, Deighton, Huddersfield. Married. Discharged from the army, due to illness, on 18.6.1918. Died of chronic nephritis and bronchitis on 27.5.1922.



Notes and References

  1. Served in the First World War with the York and Lancaster Regiment. His service record describes him as being 6'½" tall and that he fought in France. Married Lily Heighway on 7 June 1924 at St. Paul's, Huddersfield. Died 5 February 1947.
  2. Baptised 25 April 1900 at St. Bartholomew, Salford.
  3. Baptised 24 September 1902 at St Cuthbert, Trafford Park.
  4. Baptised 5 May 1909 at St Cuthbert, Trafford Park.