Highland Laddie, Turton's Edge, Austonley

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  • also known as: Turtons, Shepherds Boy
  • location: Turton's Edge, Austonley
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: farmhouse & beershop/beerhouse

Originally a property known as Turtons, it was the residence of farmer Arthur Turton[1] at the time of the 1841 Census.

By the early 1850s, it had become the the Highland Laddie beer shop (later beerhouse).

In August 1852, widow Sarah Hall was charged after being caught serving beer on premises by Superintendent Heaton.[2]

In April 1864, beerhouse keeper William Bradley was charged with selling beer outside of hours.[3]

By the late 1860s, the premises had been renamed the Shepherds Boy.[4] Another beerhouse of the same name (kept by Rachel Goddard) is known to have existed at Hinchliffe Mill.

In August 1879, Wilford Tinker transferred his beerhouse licence to the nearby Isle of Skye Inn and the property ceased to be a licenced premises.

Census Returns

  • 1851 — beershop keeper widow Sarah Hall (aged 44)
  • 1861 — beerhouse keeper Samuel Blackshaw (aged 57)
  • 1871 — farmer & beerhouse keeper Wilford Tinker (aged 25)


Notes and References

  1. Son of clothier John Turton, baptised 23 April 1775 at Holy Trinity, Holmfirth. Died aged 81, buried 10 June 1855 at St. Bartholomew, Meltham.
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