Sheffield Independent (04/Sep/1931) - Vicar's Cabaret for Talkies? Offer to Holmfirth Millgirls

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Vicar's Cabaret for Talkies?

Offer to Holmfirth Millgirls.

Twenty pretty girls of Holmfirth, a small West Riding manufacturing town, are thrilled because, although they chiefly work in mills, they are likely to appear on the talking filing.

They are members of the beauty chorus of the Rev. H. G. Wilks, the popular vicar of Upper Thong, Holmfirth, who has featured them in revue, pantomime and cabaret shows.

Mr. Wilks has just received an offer from the Gaumont Film Company, Limited, who propose to make a sound flint of the beauty chorus in a short, cabaret number.

Mr. Wilks told a "Sheffield Independent" reporter yesterday that the details of the proposal were being negotiated. Mr. Wilks is known locally as the "Panto Vicar."


He calls his cabaret girls the "Thong Birds," and attributes their beauty to the hilliness of the district and the damp atmosphere.

The vicar’s last show was a thriller entitled "Karlstein," which he wrote and produced himself, besides appearing in the leading role.

On the stage was a gruesome coffin containing a skeleton, which before the eves of the astounded audience gradually took on flesh.

Speaking of his showmanship, he said, "I do this sort of thing to prevent myself developing into the traditional parson." There is every prospect of the Gaumont Company’s offer being accepted.