Sheard and Co., Limited


Sheard & Co., Ltd., were oil importers based at the Cable Oil Works, off Nile Street, Folly Hall, Huddersfield.

The company is assumed to have been established by Charles Sheard (c.1853-1916), along with his sons Reginald Percy Sheard (1873-1945)[1] and Thomas Edmund Sheard (1878-1951)[2] (although only Thomas continued in the business).

An invoice from 1910 named the firm as "oil importers, oleines, cloth oils, soap and grease makers" and they were listed in the 1937 Directory as "oil refiners."

Notes and References

  1. Baptised 10 August 1873 at Huddersfield Parish Church. Initiated into the Armitage Lodge of Freemasons, Milnsbridge, on 1 February 1900. Married 1905 to Eliza Firth. Died 2 January 1945 at Southport, Lancashire.
  2. Married 16 June 1926 to Dora Denham at All Saints' Church, Paddock. Died 13 September 1951 leaving an estate valued at £28,945 5s. 4d.