Sharps and Flats (1915)

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Husbands go on holiday and pretend they are at VT Corps training.


The Bioscope (01/Jul/1915):

Sharps and Flats. — Undoubtedly one of the best comedies issued by this company, and full of first-rate photography, with good clean humour in addition. Two gay business partners, yearning for a quiet little holiday, invent a yarn about camp with the V.T. Corps. After a splendid send-off, letters arrive home, which glibly describe company drill, entanglements and other exorcises. Suspicion is aroused by another letter from the adjutant, and the wives promptly entrain for the encampment, where the “entanglements” are seen to be of a nature which results in reprisals and a rueful return. (August 23rd. 880 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (01/Jul/1915):

Sharps and Flats (Co) (Bamforth). — The two partners are desirous of a holiday unhampered by their wives. They send themselves a letter supposed to come from the colonel of the local defence corps, to which they belong. The letter requests them to present themselves for a fortnight’s training. From their “training” headquarters they forward letters describing their training, the while they have a great time with two charming ladies. The wives at home have just concluded the reading of one realistic letter from their erring spouses concerning the strenuousness of their training, when a letter comes from the colonel to ask why they have been absenting themselves from camp. Released August 23rd, length 880 ft.

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Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.
  2. Character name according to the 2006 BBC Holmfirth Hollywood documentary.