Seth Senior and Sons, Limited

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Seth Senior & Sons Ltd. were brewers originally based at Highgate Brewery, Shepley.

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The brewery was founded by stone mason Seth Senior in 1829, reportedly after borrowing a sovereign to start brewing in his own home at Shepley, which then became the Sovereign Inn.

By 1865, two of Seth's sons, Reuben and James, had joined the business to form Seth Senior and Sons. In turn, Reuben's sons, Henry and Thomas, became partners.

The brewery later expanded and moved a short distance to Piper Wells, off Holmfirth Road.

Their beers included Sovereign Ale, Century Ale and Senior's Stingo.

The firm became a registered company in 1910.

By 1937, the company had an order office in the Queen's Head Yard, King Street, Huddersfield.[1]

The company was acquired by Hammonds United Breweries Ltd. in 1946.


The company owned (or supplied) a sizeable number of public houses in the area, including:


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