Seth Lister Mosley (1847-1929)

Seth Lister Mosley was a well-known naturalist, and a curator of the Huddersfield Technical College Museum, Keighley Museum, and later the first curator of the Tolson Memorial Museum.


He was born in 1847[1], the son of naturalist and weaver James Reid Mosley. His father had taken up taxidermy in the 1840s

He married Sarah Taylor, daughter of John Taylor, on 15 June 1869 at St. John the Baptist, Kirkheaton.

On 2 August 1880, he led a group from the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union on a guided walk to Marsden. Starting from Lockwood, Mosley took them "over Crosland Moor, skirting Dungeon Wood to South Crosland, through Honley Woods to Meltham, thence past Blackmoorfoot reservoir to Deer Hill, over the moors to Wessenden Head, and down that valley to Marsden." Meanwhile, a second group was led by Charles Hobkirk starting from Greenfield, they passed "Bill's o' Jack's, Diggle, Saddleworth, and Standedge by Redbrook reservoir" then down to Marsden.[2]

In December 1887, he was charged with "neglecting to have his child vaccinated". In court, it was stated that the refusal was deliberate and he fined £1 and 7s. expenses.[3]

He was rebaptised at Thornton Lodge Wesleyan Chapel on 5 February 1898.

His daughter Florence married chemist Vincent Shaw, son of insurance agent George Shaw, on 23 August 1901 at the Buxton Road Wesleyan Methodist Church.

His son, science lecturer Frederick Ormrod married teacher Gertrude Exley, daughter of butcher Alick Exley, on 30 December 1913 at the parish church of Earlsheaton, Dewsbury.

He became the first curator at Huddersfield's Tolson Memorial Museum in 1922.

Seth Lister Mosley, of 75 Wasp Nest Road, Fartown, died on 6 February 1929.

His widow, Sarah Mosley, died on 8 February 1929.

Census Returns

name age relationship occupation
1861 — Bank Terrace, Dalton
James Reid Mosley 46 head Naturalist.
Mary Mosley 42 wife
Elizabeth Mosley 21 daughter
Seth Lister Mosley 13 son Scholar.
Sarah Ann Mosley 11 daughter Scholar.
1871 — Almondbury Bank, Dalton
Seth Lister Mosley 23 head Painter and naturalist.
Sarah Mosley 19 wife
1881 — Woodside Cottage, Lockwood
Seth L. Mosley 33 head Artist Zoological. Joint Editor of the "Young Naturalist".
Sarah Mosley 29 wife
Florence Mosley 7 daughter Scholar.
Charles Mosley 5 son Scholar.
1891 — Woodfield Road, Lockwood
Seth L. Mosley 43 head Naturalist and Science Teacher.
Sarah Mosley 39 wife
Florence Mosley 17 daughter Naturalist's assistant.
Charles Mosley 15 son Naturalist's assistant.
Frederick C. Mosley 6 son
1901 — 2 Woodside Road, Lockwood
Seth Lister Mosley 53 head Curator of Museums and Wesleyan Local Preacher.
Sarah Mosley 49 wife
Florence Mosley 27 daughter
Charles Mosley 25 son Printer.
Fredk. Ormrod Mosley 13 son
1911 — 2 Woodside Road, Lockwood
Seth Lister Mosley 63 head Museum Curator.
Sarah Mosley 59 wife
Frederick Ormrod 23 son Lecturer in Biology at Technical School.


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Notes and References

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