Berry Brow Board School, Birch Road, Berry Brow

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  • also known as: Berry Brow Council School (by early 1900s) / Berry Brow County School (by 1950s)
  • location: Birch Road, Berry Brow
  • status: still exists
  • architect: Edward Low[1] of Bedford Row, London
  • category: school
Huddersfield Chronicle (12/Jul/1873)

The corner stone was laid on Saturday 13 December 1873 by Marian Huth of Huddersfield School Board. A capsule was placed under the stone containing copies of local newspapers along with "the School Board hymn book, the bye-laws, regulations for the management of Board Schools, duties of managers, report on the educational condition of the borough, list of tenders accepted for the erection of the school, and one penny of this year's date." The school was built on land leased from Sir John Ramsden at an estimated cost of £5,292.[2] The contractors were Abraham Graham & Sons of Huddersfield.

The following description was published in the Huddersfield Examiner (13/Nov/1875) the week after the school was formally opened:

The school stands on an elevated site, having a frontage of 311 feet to the new roads that are being laid out on this estate, with a depth of 100 feet, the building is 240 feet in length, and about forty feet in length, and built of stone throughout, having high pitched roofs, covered with red Staffordshire tiles, with ornamental crestings and hip knobs, manufactured by Cooper, of Maidenhead, near Windsor, Birkshire. At either end of the roof are square bell cote turrets, with an octagonal ventilating turret of lofty elevation in the centre. The style is an adaptation of English Gothic architecture of a domestic character. The windows being an important feature in the elevation from their size and importance are fitted with stone mullions transoms, and fitted in with Burt and Potts patent wrought iron casement. The accommodation provided is for 400 children, according to the rules and regulations of the Educational Department, as is allotted as follows, viz., 100 boys, 100 girls, and 200 infants. The infant school, from its size, is placed in the centre of the building, and is approached by a short flight of steps from a raised terrace. The porch communicates directly with a hat and cloak lobby, which is contiguous to a properly appointed lavatory. The school room is 40 feet in length and 20 feet in width, and 23 feet in height, and fitted with galleries the whole length of the room. Two class rooms are attached, each 13 by 16 feet, and 20 feet in height, and fitted up with galleries. One class-room is arranged for the very junior infants, or babies. A private room, 12 feet square, with w.c. and lavatory attached, is provided for the school mistress, and is approached from a lobby leading to the playground and offices. The boys and girls schools, which are placed right and left of the centre of infant school, are alike as regards accommodation. They consist of a schoolroom 20ft. by 36ft., and 22ft in height, and are fitted with groups of writing and reading desks, designed and patented by Mr. O. G. Abbott, the clerk to the School Board. The class-rooms are provided to each school 17ft. by 14ft., and 20ft. in height, with hat and cloak lobbies, with lavatories attached, connected with each porch. Private rooms, 10ft. by 10ft., with lavatories and w.c. attached, are also provided for the master and mistress. The schools are warmed by hot water, and the master’s and mistress’ rooms have open fire-places. A caretaker’s lodge is placed at the corner of the site next [to] Coal Pit Lane. The accommodation provided consists of a parlour and kitchen, with two bedrooms over same, and a small yard containing the usual offices. The lodge is erected in the same style as the schools. The whole of the works have been carried out by the following contractors:— Mr. Cairns, clerk of works; excavators, bricklayers, and stone masons, Messrs. Abraham Graham and Sons, Huddersfield; carpenters and joiners, Messrs. Kirby and Scholes, Hillhouse; tilers, Messrs. William Goodwin and Sons, Huddersfield; plasterer, Mr. Nathan Jessop, Berry Brow; plumber, Mr. G. Garton, Huddersfield; ironmongery and heating apparatus, Mr. Jas. Brook, Huddersfield; painter, Mr, Godfrey Moxon, Huddersfield.


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Notes and References

  1. Born circa 1839 in Middlesex.
  2. "Berry Brow Board School: Laying of the Foundation Stone" in Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (20/Dec/1873).