Salvation Army Hall, Albert Street, Lockwood

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  • location: Albert Street, Lockwood
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: meeting hall


The History of Lockwood and North Crosland (1980) by Brian Clarke:

The Salvation Army first came to nearly Huddersfield in 1883 and by 1903 the movement had spread to Lockwood, the ‘barracks’ being in Albert Street. In fact, the movement might have been established earlier for on 9th March 1891 General Booth applied for planning permission for a wooden Mission Church in Lockwood Road but this was rejected by the Lockwood Sub Committee of the Corporation.


Early Salvation Army meetings in Lockwood were held at the house and grocery shop of Mr. Harry Littlewood, opposite Broadfield Mills. The ‘tin hut’ referred to by Mr. Thorley was erected about 1920 on a site between Nos. 56 and 70 Albert Street, between Fair Street and Summer Street. A new building constructed of wood was opened in Macham Street (between Lockwood Road and Bland Street) on Saturday, 12th August 1961. The opening ceremony of this church, with seating for 200 people, was performed by Brigadier S. Lynn, Divisional Commander of West Yorkshire. Later another single storey building was erected alongside the church for use as a church hall. The last service in Lockwood was held on 25th January 1975 and members then transferred to new premises in Prospect Street. The church hall was sold in 1975 to become a Muslem Mosque.