Salem Wesleyan New Connexion Chapel, School Lane, Berry Brow

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  • location: School Lane, Berry Brow
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: church or chapel

A small burial ground was situated to the southeast of the chapel.


West Yorkshire Archive Service: Off the Record:

Service and meetings were held in cottages from 1816 with a Society being established in 1818. Initially, the congregation went to High Street Chapel in Huddersfield for Sunday services and met on weekday evenings for worship in cottages in Berry Brow.

In 1824-1825 a chapel was built in Chapel Street. One of the main promoters of this chapel was Abraham Lockwood (1792-1871), a well known preacher also known as 'Little Abe' and the 'Bishop of Berry Brow'.

The Sunday School was established in 1828 and a Sunday School was built next to the chapel in 1837. The Sunday School was rebuilt in 1873 and followed by the chapel being rebuilt in 1884-1885.

When the chapel closed in 1960, the congregation joined Birch Road Methodist Church and the chapel was demolished in 1966.



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