Roundabout, Kirkheaton

Roundabout, sometimes marked on old maps as "Round About", is the name given to a small hill near Kirkheaton and which is accessible via a footpath running from North Moor Lane to Moor Top Lane.

Due the impressive views obtained from the summit, the hill was a popular destination for church outings[1] and was one of the locations described by the Huddersfield Chronicle correspondent "Cid" during the 1890s:[2]

Be sure you go if you can walk, and if you cannot walk get someone to carry you, especially if the horizon is clear and the sky all but cloudless. I have seen it at all times and seasons. When the snow has carpeted the earth, when the spring has risen from the dead, when the summer has scorched its features, and when the autumn has put it to sleep. I feel sure my experience, as I stood there one evening, is unique. The sun was sinking in the west, the moon was peeping over the eastern hills, and the zenith was flecked with cloudlets which seemed to chase each other. I never saw the rim of horizon so distinctly.


I have had the Roundabout all to myself, and have heard the heavens declare the glory and majesty and seen the firmament display the handiwork of the Creator. When the greater part of a scene like this can be seen for twopence by tram, and threepence by train any find evening or early morning, why do people rush madly about vieing with each other in search of something fine and new? Here is a place from which something new and grand may be seen at anytime, and man's littleness be perceived at any hour.

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