Rolls of Honour, Lindley Methodist Church

The following Rolls of Honour for those who served or died in both World Wars are now situated in Lindley Methodist Church, and includes those from the former Lindley Zion and Thorncliffe Street chapels.

The Rolls were transcribed into a memorial book:

Following the amalgamation
of the three Lindley Methodist
Societies in 1966 and the
alteration and re-decoration
of this Church in 1966 this
containing detail of the
War Memorial Tablets
which stood in the three
Methodist Chapels in Lindley
was placed in the Lindley
Methodist Church, East Street
on Remembrance Sunday
November 13th 1966

Zion Chapel, Lidget Street

1914 – 1918 Pro Patria
Sidney Bamforth
Harold Bamforth
Thom. Geo. Barnes
Harry Barnes
Dyson Batley
Chas. Leonard Batley
John Wm. Beaumont
George Beaumont
Harold Beaumont
Dyson Beaumont
Donald Bentley
J. W. Bilbrucke
F. Arthur Bluck
Harry Booth
Vincent Booth
Herbert Boothroyd
Arnold Broadbent
Norman Brook
William Hy. Brook
William Clough
Leonard Clough
George Cotton
Norman Crowther
Joseph Darby
Haydn Dean
Walter Dean
Dennis Drake
F. Ewart Dyson
Fred Dyson
Fred Eastwood
George Ellam
Arthur S. Ellam
Frank Farrar
Walter Firth
Leonard Firth
Edward Firth
Fred Allott Firth
Percy Fox
G. Wilfred Fox
George Fox
Frank Fox
Stanley Garthwaite
Arthur Goldsborough
Norman B. Green
Frank Haigh
Leonard Haigh
Walter C. Heaton
G. Edgar Hepworth
Norman Hepworth
Irving Hepworth
Ernest Hiley
Willie Hiley
Newton Hirst
Herbert Holland
Wilfred Holt
Herbert Holt
Willie Holt
Fred Holt
Herbert Hollas
Edgar Holden
Leslie Howe
Frank B. Hustler
George W. Inman
Willie Jepson
Harry Lindley
Herbert Mallinson
Fred Mallinson
Harold Mallinson
Harold Mear
Joe Mellor
Harold Mellor
Joe Mellor
John T. Mellor
Sidney Metcalfe
Herbert Milnes
Arthur Moore
Jno. Leonard Moore
Harold Moore
Reginald W. Moore
Jack Moore
George Moore
Tom Moore
Joe Moore
Eli Moore
Harold Moore
Jas. Wm. Moore
Leonard Moorhouse
Fred Moorhouse
Geo. Hy. Moorhouse
Fred Pearson
Walter Pearson
Holroyd Quarmby
Norman Radcliffe
Arthur Roberts
Harry Robinson
Willie Schofield
Harry Schofield
Willie Schofield
Edgar E. Shaw
Fred Shaw
George Hy. Sheard
Geo. Simeon
Walter Smith
Alfred Smith
Jack Smithson
Frank Smithson
Albert C. Speight
George Sykes
Stanley W. Sykes
Russell Sykes
Herbert Sykes
Joe Stanley Sykes
Joe Thornton
Abm. Townend
Frank Walker
Hy. Walker
Joseph Walker
Arthur Warden
John R. White
Frank H. Whiteley
Herbert Willis
Arthur Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
Benjamin Wood
Hector Wood
Walter Woodhouse
Stanley Woodhouse
Jno. Wm. Yorke

Wesley Chapel, East Street

This Tablet is dedicated to the sacred memory
of the men of this Church who gave their lives
in the War of 1939 – 1945

William Mackie Hepworth[7]
Stanley Peckett[8]
Ronald Tweed[9]
Clarence French[10]

"Greater love hath no man than this"
Carved Wooden Panel

Thorncliffe Street Chapel

To the Glory of God and in grateful memory of
Also in appreciation of all others who served
and in thankfulness for Gods protecting
care, this tablet and vases are erected
and these chairs placed in the communion

“Greater love hath no man than this”


The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial:


Notes and References

  1. Likely fish & chip dealer Arthur Ellam (c.1884-?) who lived at 121 Occupation Road, Lindley, in 1911 with his wife Mary Ellen. By the time he enlisted, he was a stone mason. He served in the Army Service Corps, service no. 24928.
  2. Likely Norman Hirst Farrar (1887-1945) who married Harriet Morton in 1914. In 1911, he was a cashier living at 12 Lea Street, Lindley.
  3. Presumably William Charles King (1894-?) born in Leeds, son of William Charles Henry King and his wife Florence. In 1911, they were living at 25 Halifax Road, Lindley.
  4. Possibly Edgar Lucas (1895-1973) born 19 May 1895. In 1911 he was living at 7 Syringa Street. Marsh, and working as an organ builder. He later worked as a wood worker.
  5. Likely Luther Schofield (1883-1944) born 12 November 1883. In 1911, he was living at 1 Thorncliffe Street, Lindley.
  6. Likely Thompson Schofield (1885-1953) born 9 December 1885. In 1911, he was living at 20 Brian Street, Lindley.