Roll of Honour, Linthwiate Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

The following memorial plaques to those who died in both World Wars is situated in Linthwaite Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Lower Clough.

First World War

This Tablet
Is erected to the Glory of God
and in sacred memory of
those associated with this Church
who gave their lives in the
European War 1914 – 1919
Also to commemorate the loyalty
of all those who served their Country
in the cause of Freedom and Right
their names are recorded
on the Church Roll of Honour

Thou was't their rock, their fortress and their might,
Thou Lord, their Captain in the well-fought fight,
Thou, in the darkness drear their one true light

Second World War

1939 – 1945

This Tablet is dedicated
to the Glory of God and
with proud gratitude to
the men and women of this
Church who served in
His Majesty's Forces in the
Second World War