Roll of Honour, Golcar Liberal Club

The following Roll of Honour for those who served and for those who died in both World Wars is situated inside Golcar Liberal Club.

First World War

Panel 1
1914 – 1918

Central Liberal Club

to the memory
of members who fell
in the Great War

"Is it nothing to you all ye that pass by"
Panel 2
Arthur Ainley
Percy Allison
Dan Atkinson
James Atkinson
T. Douglas Atkinson
Herman Bailey
Joe Barracliff
Philip Battye
Herbert Baxter
Fred Beaumont
Harold Beaumont
John Beaumont
Arthur Bintcliffe
Arthur Boothroyd
Norris Brook
Willie Brook
Sykes O. Cartwright
Handley Chadwick
John Chadwick
John Wm. Chadwick
Ben Collier
Albert Crooks
Charlie Crossley
Frank Crossley
John M. Crowther
Tom Davies
Guillaume Dechamp
Arthur Dyson
Joe Dyson
Willie Dyson
Tom Eastwood
Albert Edwards
James Wm. Firth
Tom Firth
Irvin Gee
William Gee
Charles Gledhill
Granville Gledhill
Herbert Haigh
Norman Haigh
Arthur Harrison
Herbert Harrison
Wilfred Harrison
Fred Heap
Norris Hellawell
Wilfred Hellawell
Harry Hirst
Jimmey Hirst
Ronald Iredale
Robert Jenkinson
George J. Kenworthy
Edgar Leach
Alfred Lees
Stanley Lee
Tom Livesey
Charles I. Lockwood
Norris Lumb
Louis Marsden
Harold Moorhouse
Hubert W. Noble
Harry Pearson
Albert Pogson
Ben Pogson
Fred Pogson
Harold Pogson
Richard Priestley
Alfred Quarmby
Fred Ramsden
J. Leonard Ramsden
Wilfred Richardson
Fred Ripley
Norman Rothery
Arthur Senior
S. Victor Senior
Hubert Shaw
Walter Shaw
Alfred Singleton
George T. Swift
Samuel Sykes
Willie Sykes
Edgar A. Taylor
Ernest Taylor
Fred Taylor
Harold Taylor
Harris Taylor
Herbert Taylor
Jack I. Taylor
John A. Taylor
Percy Taylor
Walter Taylor
Wm. Shaw Taylor
Willie Taylor
Lawrence S. Thorpe
Benjamin W. Walker
John C. Walker
Norman Walker
Ronald Westmoreland
Arthur W. Whiteley
Hubert H. Whiteley
J. Hallowell Whiteley
Eddie Whitwam
Humphrey Whitwam
James Whitwam
Tom Whitwam
Whiteley Whitwam
John A. Williams

Second World War

1939 — 1945
Central Liberal Club

to the memory
of the one
who gave his life
and in grateful
recognition of
services rendered by
members who served
in the World War

1939 – 1945

Bob Taylor[1]

“They were a wall unto us
both by night and by day"
In grateful recognition
of services rendered by
Arnold Aitken
Leonard J. Algar
Eric Allison
Geoffrey Armitage
Douglas Asquith
Neville Atkinson
Norman Bamford
Tom H. Benson
Desmond Bottomley
Terence Brook
Kenneth Chadwick
Phillip Chappel
Leonard Cockroft
James Crabtree
Frank Crossley
Donald Crowther
Jack Dyson
George Earnshaw
George Forshew
Willie Garside
Frank France
Geo. Sydney Gee
Terence Gledhill
Stanley Greaves
Edward Haigh
Kenneth Haigh
Norman Hewitson
Frank Hinchliffe
Alec Hirst
Clifford Hirst
Donald Hirst
Freddie Hirst
Geoffrey Hirst
Frank Hutchinson
Ronald Hutchinson
Richard Ives
Stanley Jepson
T. Wallace Kitson
Roy Littlewood
Eric Wm. Lockwood
R. Anthony Lockwood
Willie Mallinson
Joe Mosley
Harold Norman
W. Chris Noble
Tom Parker
Clifford Parkin
Jack Pearson
Frank Ramsden
Norman H. Richardson
Derek Riley
Eli Ripley
Derrick Shaw
Jack Shaw
James Shaw
Kenneth Shaw
Jack Singleton
Kenneth Singleton
Frank C. Smith
Roy Smith
Harold Sykes
Jack R. Sykes
Kenneth Sykes
Frank Taylor
Joe Taylor
Phillip Taylor
Harry Thewlis
Frank Thorpe
Raymond Thorpe
Joe Tolson
Robert Vickerman
Reggie Waddington
Eric Walker
Willie Whitehead
Norman Whiteley
Cyril Whitwam
Derek Whitwam
Leslie Whitwam
Frank Wilcock
Frank Wilkinson
Ainley Wood
Bernard Wood
Kenneth Woodhead
Phillip Woodhead
Willie Wright
Kenneth Yeadon
Dorothy Allison
Joan Atkinson
Marjorie Atkins
Joyce Beaumont
Gladys Crabtree
Mary Crabtree
Josephine Gee
Betty Gledhill
Mildred Thorpe


The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial:


Notes and References