Roll of Honour, Drill Hall, Holmfirth

The following memorial to those who served in the Second Boer War (1899-1902) and the First World War is situated inside the former Drill Hall, Holmfirth, which is now the Civic Hall.

Second Boer War

F. Company 2nd V.B.

The Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment

This tablet
was erected by public subscription
to show the
appreciation of the self-sacrifice and bravery
in the field of under-mentioned
non-commissioned officers and men
of F (Holmfirth) Co.
who in response to their country's call
volunteered and served in the
South African War 1900–1901.

2189 Lance-Sergt. Fred Hirst
3961 Corpl. Frank Eastwood
3823 Lance-Corpl. W. E. Tolson
4016 Lance-Corpl. J. E. Kimberley
1469 Private John Quinn
3310 Private John Dearnley
3554 Private John Bray
3895 Private H. Wordsworth
4017 Private J. W. Brook
4022 Private J. H. Booth
4222 Private Jepson Brook
4262 Private J. R. Woodhead


R. R. Mellor, Captain
Commanding F. Co.
September 1901

A letter from the men was published in the Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (10/Mar/1900):


S.S. Guelph
February 23rd, 1900.
To Captain R.R. Mellor.

Dear sir,

No doubt you will be wondering how your 12 lads are getting on. Well, sir, all us us, with the exception of the "Little One," had a fair dose of sea sickness in going through the Bay of Biscay. We are all getting on splendidly, in fact, we never lived better. For instance, to-day's dinner is only a sample: beef steaks, lentils, potatoes, rice puddings, stewed plums, marmalade tarts, and bottled stout. We are now having beautiful war weather, and the sea is very calm. We call at Teneriffe to-morrow, from where this message will be sent. You will receive another letter on our arrival at Cape Town, and frequently during our term of service at the front. We often wonder how the war is going on, but it is like being married (for better for worse). We are prepared for it, and should not like to be sent to South Africa and miss having a scrimmage, which every man of your company likes. Give your best respects to our comrades. We shall try our best while out here to keep up the reputation of the "Huddersfield Rilfes" and "F" Company in particular. We close, wishing "good luck" to yourself and officers of "F" Company.

The above plaque was unveiled on Saturday 28 September 1901 during a presentation when the men were awarded gold medals. Each medal was inscribed:[1]

In appreciation of self-sacrifice and services rendered on the South African War.
2nd V.B. West Riding Regiment,
F Company (Holmfirth),
Presented to
(name of recipient)
by the people of Holmfirth and District.

Of the 12 men named on the plaque, it was reported that John Dearnley had decided to settle in South Africa. A medal was also awarded to Ambulance Orderly Robinson of the Holmfirth Branch of the St. John Ambulance Service who served in the war.

First World War

5th Duke of Wellington's Regiment
Holmfirth Company

In glorious and grateful memory of the
Officers, non-commissioned Officers and Men
from this district who died
in the service of their King and Country
Great War 1914–1919


Notes and References

  1. "The Holmfirth Active Reserve Volunteers" in Huddersfield Daily Examiner (30/Sep/1901).