Roll of Honour, Armitage Bridge National School

The following Roll of Honour for pupils who fought or died in the First World War was once situated in Armitage Bridge National School. It is believed to have been lost.


This Roll of Honour is erected as a record of the loyalty of those old Scholars of this School, who bravely took up Arms in defence of KING & COUNTRY IN THE GREAT WAR.
1914 – 1919
Freedom lasting register their names enrol
Avery Charles
Barron Lewis
Beaumont Isaac
Berry Lawrence
Booth Ben
Booth George
Brammall Harry
Braymer Norman
Brook Thomas
Carter Frank G.
Coldwell Harry
Cole David
Cole Willie
Crosland Harold
Crosland Irvin
Crosland Reginald
Crosland Vernon
Crossley Harry
Crossley James W.
Crossley Joe
Dearnley Charles
Dearnley Edgar
Dews Jack
Dowling Percy
Dyson Ben
Dyson Jack
Eastwood Harry
Ellis Herbert
Ellis William
Ernest Herbert
Fairburn Geoffrey
Fairburn Roy
France Raymond
France Wilfred
Garside Wilfred
Greenhalgh Harry
Greenhalgh Walter
Haigh Jack
Hawkyard Clement
Hawkyard Herman
Hirst Albert
Hirst Elliott
Hirst Harry
Hirst Shaw
Hirst Stanley
Jackson Harry
Kitchen Lewis
Langrick Vernon M.
Lee Harold
Lee Joe
Lee Lawrence
Lister Norman
Lockwood Herbert†[1]
Lunn Percy
Mallinson Joe
Mellor Henry
Mellor Herbert
Moorhouse Charles
Moss Cecil
Moss James
North Percy
Oddy Harold
Oldfield George
Oldfield Harry
Oldham Harry
Oldham Harry
Oldham Maurice
Oldham Wilfred
Osterfield William
Oxley Alfred
Oxley Bertram L.
Ridgwick Ernest
Riley Norman
Robinson Edward
Robinson Eric
Robinson Percy
Senior Ernest
Senior Fred
Senior Fred (Jnr)
Shaw Hubert
Shaw Reggie
Shaw Taylor
Shaw Wilfred
Stockwell Luke
Swallow Ernest
Sykes Clifford
Sykes Ernest
Thornton Albert
Thorpe Willie
Todd Frank
Walker Frank
Walker Harry
Walker Louis
Walker Tom
Whitehead George W.
Wood Harry
Woodcock Joe
Woodcock Norman
Their Memory is ever blessed


The following map shows locations linked to those named on the memorial:


Notes and References

  1. The identify of Herbert Lockwood was not found during research.