Rising Sun, Lingards Wood Bottom, Marsden

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  • also known as: Park Cottage
  • location: Manchester Road, Lingards Wood Bottom, Marsden-in-Almondbury
  • status: still exists but now in different use
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The Rising Sun Inn is marked on the 1854 O.S. map and was situated just within the Marsden side of the boundary with Lingards. A beerhouse with the same name also existed at Buckstones.

The Perseverance Lodge of the Ancient Order of the Golden Fleece was formed at the Rising Sun on 7 September 1846. However, "a dispute arose between the members from Slaithwaite and those from Marsden and Lingards Wood" and the former split to form the Lewisham Lodge of Loyal and Independent Britons at the Lewisham Hotel, Slaithwaite, on Easter Monday 1852.[1]

The premises closed prior to the Brewster Sessions of 1877.

The property then became known as Park Cottage.



Notes and References

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