Richard Swarbrick Dugdale (1849-1903)

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Richard Swarbrick Dugdale was a architect, surveyor, and civil engineer, and was a Borough Surveyor for Huddersfield Corporation.


He was born on 4 June 1849 at Blackburn, Lancashire, the son of painter and copper plate engraver Richard Dugdale and his wife Ann.

By the 1871 Census, he was working as an architect and surveyor in Lancashire.

He married Mary Hannah Bates in 1875 at Blackburn. In the same year he appointed to complete the construction of Wainhouse Tower, Halifax.

He was appointed to the role Huddersfield Borough Surveyor in October 1879, following the resignation of John Henry Abbey, and remained in the post until declaring bankruptcy 12 years later.

In the 1880s, he oversaw the laying out of Beaumont Park and Greenhead Park.

In August 1888, he was one of six surveyors shortlisted for the role of Borough Surveyor of Sheffield, although he was unsuccessful.[1]

The Huddersfield Chronicle (18/Aug/1894) reported that Dugdale had been sent to St. Annes-by-the-Sea for a month to recover from a sudden illness that had left him with facial paralysis.[2]

He declared bankruptcy in 1897 and resigned his post. Despite having a sizeable income, he had run up debts "on account of family, expenses, personal illness, and the repayments of loans."[3]

Richard Swarbrick Dugdale died in 1903 at Sculcoates, near Hull.

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