Richard Bond (1910-1939)

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Known as "Dick", Richard Bond was born in Fleetwood, Lancashire, the son of James Bond and his wife Ethel (née Hutchinson).

He moved to Huddersfield circa 1923 and worked at John Crowther & Sons Ltd. of Union Mills, Milnsbridge.

Prior to enlisting, he lived in Milnsbridge. His married sister lived at 15 Botham Hall Road, Longwood.

He died on 12 December 1939 when the destroyer HMS Duchess accidentally collided with the battleship HMS Barham and sank.[1]


Huddersfield Examiner (13/Jan/1940):


Former Milnsbridge Youth Lost in Sinking of H.M.S. Duchess

Seaman Richard Bond, who was among the crew of the destroyer H.M.S. Duchess, and was lost when the vessel was involved in a collision with another ship early in December last, formerly lived at 108 Spring Mill, Milnsbridge.

Well known in the district as “Dick” Bond, he worked at Union Mills, the works of Messrs. John Crowther and Sons (Milnsbridge), Ltd., until he was sixteen, when he joined the Navy. The son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Bond, of Fleetwood, he came to Huddersfield when he was thirteen. His father served on a minesweeper during the last war and died a few years ago.

Normally, Seaman Bond would have completed his service on January 25, the day before his thirtieth birthday, but the outbreak of war necessitated his remaining in the Navy for the duration. His sister, Mrs. Molly Tubby, lives at 15, Botham Hall Road, Longwood, and is the wife of Mr. George Tubby, a leading seaman and leading torpedo operator on the cruiser H.M.S. Kent.

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