Rev. William Moorhouse (1742-1823)

The Rev. William Moorhouse was the first minister of Highfield Independent Chapel.


He was born on 15 August 1742, at Shephouse near Penistone, the second son of Elkanah Moorhouse.

His first wife was the daughter of a neighbour, Sarah Roebuck, with whom he had six children. His second wife was widow Frances Haigh, who died on 23 July 1807.

He was the first pastor of Highfields Independent Chapel, which was established on 14 February 1772. During his lifetime, the congregation grew from 18 people to 438.[1]

The Rev. William Moorhouse died on 29 July 1823, aged 81:[2]

In his 81st year, the Rev. William Moorhouse — for more than half a century he had discharged the duties of a Christian Pastor to the Church at Highfield, Huddersfield, with wisdom, fidelity, and considerable success.

Within a few months of his death, his son had published a pamphlet entitled A Brief Memoir of the Life and Character of the Rev. William Moorhouse, Late Pastor of the Christian Church at Highfield, Huddersfield.

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