Rev. William Le Neve Bower (1851-1935)

The Rev. William Le Neve Bower was the third incumbent of Holy Trinity, South Crosland.


He was born on 15 March 1851 in Norwich, Norfolk, the son of James G. Bower and his wife Elizabeth.

He was ordained at York in December 1877.[1]

In 1880, he married Georgina Isabella Rhodes, the oldest daughter of surgeon George Winter Rhodes (1822-1892). They had five known children:

  • Francis Le Neve Bower (1882-1942)[2]
  • Harold Rhodes Bower (1884-1887)[3]
  • Honor Evangeline Bower (1886-1958)[4]
  • Arthur James Bower (1888-1942)[5]
  • Elizabeth Georgina Bower (1892-?)[6]

He served as an assistant curate at St. Paul's Church, Huddersfield, and as a curate at Huddersfield Parish Church before becoming the third vicar of Holy Trinity, South Crosland, in August 1883 where he remained until retiring in 1932.

Two of his sons, Francis Le Neve Bower and Arthur James Bower, also became vicars.

Georgina Isabella died on 13 December 1924, aged 76.

He died on 22 November 1935 at the Lowestoft and North Suffolk Hospital, aged 84.

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