Rev. Richard Collins (1828-1900)

The Rev. Richard Collins was the Vicar of Kirkburton from the early 1880s until his death, succeeded his father.


He was born on 20 October 1828 at Bicker, Lincolnshire, the son of the Rev. Richard Collins and his wife Mary.

His father became the Vicar of Kirkburton in 1843 and remained in the position for nearly 40 years.

He was schooled at St. John's College, Cambridge, and was ordained at Kirkburton in 1851.

Three of his brothers were also ordained:

  • Rev. John Collins (became Vicar of Holmfirth)
  • Rev. Henry Collins (became Vicar of Deanhead, Scammonden)
  • Rev. William Collins (became Vicar of Nunnington, York)

In 1854 he accepted the principalship of Cottayam College, Travancore, India, where he married Frances Anne Hawksworth, the daughter of the Rev. J. Hawksworth. The couple had seven children:

  • Catherine Collins (c.1865-?)[1]
  • John Hawksworth Collins (1866-?)[2]
  • Alfred Morley Collins (1867-1931)[3]
  • Francis Richard Collins (c.1874-?)[4]
  • Maud G. Collins (c.1875-?)[5]
  • Claud Hugh Collins (1877-1928)[6]
  • Louise Margaret Collins (1879-1929)[7]

He returned to England in 1867, where he was a curate at All Saints in Brighton and then St. Paul, Camden Square, London.

In 1872 he accepted the post of principal at Trinity College, Kandy, Sri Lanka, where he remained until 1878.

Returning once again to England, he was the incumbent of St. Silas, Hunsley, Leeds, from 1879 to 1882.

Following his father's death on 8 March 1882, he was appointed as the Vicar of Kirkburton by the Bishop of Ripon. His widowed mother Mary continued to live at the vicarage until her own death on 20 May 1896.[8]

The Rev. Richard Collins died at around 12:30am on Wednesday 31 October 1900, aged 72, having been ill for over two years and largely confined to his bed for a year.[9]


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