Rev. Joel Mallinson (1848-1924)

The Rev. Joel Mallinson was a Methodist minister who served in the Huddersfield district, and was the author of History of Methodism in Huddersfield, Holmfirth, and Denby Dale (1898). His ministry lasted from 1872 to 1924.

His brother was Sir Dyson Mallinson of Birkdale.


He was born in Linthwaite on 7 February 1848, the son of woollen manufacturer George Mallinson and his wife Elizabeth (née Dyson).

He studied at Huddersfield College, where he received a prize in 1860 for Drawing.[1]

He married Matilda Riley, daughter of wool merchant Joseph Riley, on 17 August 1876 at the Buxton Road Wesleyan Methodist Church in Huddersfield and they had five children:

  • Edith Mallinson (1877-?)[2]
  • Gertrude Elizabeth Mallinson (1881-?)[3]
  • George Riley Mallinson (1884-1962)[4]
  • Hilda Mallinson (1889-1894)[5]
  • Ernest William Nicholas Mallinson (1892-1970)[6]

Following their marriage, the couple lived in Grimsby (Lincolnshire), Staffordshire and Warwickshire. By 1884, they had returned to Yorkshire and were living at Wesleyville, Luddenden Foot.

His father, George, died on 3 April 1885, leaving a legacy which was used to build the new Wesleyan Chapel in Linthwaite at a cost of around £3,000.[7]

On 6 March 1901, he was initiated into the Colne Valley Lodge of Freemasons.

The 1910 Tax Valuation records list him owning just over 2 acres of land on Queens Road as well as land off Halifax Road. He also owned several properties in Edgerton — Glenside, Clifton Lodge, Torlia, Sunnyside, and Sunnydale.

The Electoral Registers record him living at 82 Duchy Road, Ripon, North Yorkshire, from 1910 onwards.

The Rev. Joel Mallinson died on 23 June 1924 in Southport, aged 76.

His wife, Matilda Mallinson, died on 5 January 1929 in Exeter.


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