Rev. George Coulton (1844-1896)

The Rev. George Coulton was the second incumbent of Holy Trinity, South Crosland, and later served as the Vicar of Helme.


He was born in 1844 in Cartmel, then situated in Lancashire but now in Cumbria, the son of farmer James Coulton and his wife Sarah (née Postlethwaite).

He was educated at St. Aidan's College, Birkenhead, and was ordained a deacon in 1875.

He served as curate to the Rev. George Hough at Holy Trinity, South Crosland, before becoming the incumbent following Hough's death in 1879. The induction service took place on Saturday 12 July 1879.[1]

George Coulton married Elizabeth Bell, daughter of William Bell, on 29 April 1880 at Ryde, Isle of White. They had six children:

  • Emily Coulton (1881-?)[2]
  • George Hough Coulton (1882-?)[3]named after the Rev. George Hough
  • Agnes Mary Coulton (1884-1962)[4]
  • Henry Victor Coulton (1886-1971)[5]awarded the O.B.E. in 1946
  • Charles Postlethwaite Coulton (1890-1939)[6]
  • Kathrine Carine Coulton (1893-1960)[7]

He served as the Vicar of Helme from 1883 to 1893 and was ordained a priest in 1887 by the Bishop of Ripon.

His final position was as the Vicar of St. Polycarp's Church, Liverpool, from 1893.

The Rev. George Coulton died in Liverpool on 24 September 1896 after a short illness and was buried two days later at Christ Church, Helme.

His widow Elizabeth was living with her children at Melrose House, 18 Loraine Street, Everton, Lancashire, at the time of the 1901 Census. By 1911, she was living at 13 Hougoumout Avenue, Waterloo, Lancashire.

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Notes and References

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