Rev. Cutfield Wardroper (c.1815-1906)


Cutfield Wardroper was born in Sussex, the son of Richard and Frances Wardroper, and baptised at Midhurst on 31 March 1815.

By 1841, he was studying at Trinity Hall College, Cambridge, and was ordained as a deacon in 1843.[1] He was awarded an M.A. in 1847.[2]

His first wife, Marie-Antoinette, died near Paris, aged 26, on 16 December 1845.[3]

In March 1848, whilst a curate at Slaithwaite, he was ordained as a priest by the Bishop of Ripon and then became the incumbent of St. Lucius, Farnley Tyas, in May 1848.[4]

He married Jane Green, the eldest daughter of the late Rev. James Carter Green of North Grimstone, on 9 January 1849 at St. Mary's Cheltenham.[5] She died on 7 August 1859 at Woodsome Hall.

In 1852, he became the Chaplain to the Earl of Dartmouth.

He married Anna Warmoll, eldest daughter Stephen Butcher on Norwich, on 13 November 1862 at Farnley Tyas in a service conducted by the Lord Bishop of Ripon.[6]

In February 1867, his niece, Frances Wardroper, married the Rev. James Lacy Hulbert, the son of Rev. Canon Hulbert.

He resigned from his position at St. Lucius in November 1899, having been the incumbent for 51 years.[7]

He married Jane McGeoch, daughter of commercial traveller John McGeoch and his wife Jane, in Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire, in 1900. She was 45 years younger than her 86-year-old husband.

According to an article published in the Yorkshire Post, the Rev. Wardroper had commissioned himself a wicker coffin some decades before his death which he kept in his house. The coffin was instead used for one of his nieces who died whilst visiting him. He then commissioned another coffin which he left at Farnley Tyas with instructions that he should be buried in it. After resigning, he retired to Norfolk where he died aged 91 on 30 October 1905. His body was returned to by train to Huddersfield and he was buried in his coffin at Farnley Tyas.[8]

He left an estate valued at £1,426 16s. 6d. to Jane, most of which was in the form of shares in the Great Western Railway Company.


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