Rev. Arthur Swinton Weatherhead (1866-1937)

Arthur Swinton Weatherhead was a clergyman in the Church of England, who was the Vicar of Holy Trinity Church, Greenhead, from 1910 to 1923.


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He was born in Bombay, India, on 3 May 1866, the son of Trenham King Weatherhead and his wife Mary Ann Boyce, and baptised 1 June 1866.

By 1871, the Weatherhead family had returned to England, where his father was Curate of Leominster.

He was educated at Marlborough College, where he was listed as a 14-year-old boarder in the 1881 Census. He took his Holy Orders and was living on Castle Street, Reading, at the time of the 1891 Census.

In 1899 he married Elizabeth Shaw in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and they moved to St. Owen, Hereford. Here they had at least three children:

  • Harold Shaw Weatherhead (1901-1930)[1]
  • Ruth Mary Weatherhead (1903-1977)[2]
  • Sir Arthur Trenham Weatherhead (1905-1984)[3]

By 1911, the family were living at 60 Trinity Street Huddersfield, with a live-in governess (44-year-old Elizabeth Evelyn Rose Coles) to school the children. He was the Vicar of Holy Trinity until 1923, after which he became the new Rector of Trowbridge, Wiltshire — a post that he resigned from in 1929 in order to take up a position at a Church of England training college in Norwich.

The Rev. Arthur Swinton Weatherhead died on 23 July 1937, aged 71, in Norwich, Norfolk. His probate record listed effects to the value of just over £678.


Notes and References

  1. Died 21 July 1930 in Malaysia.
  2. Died unmarried in Herefordshire.
  3. Worked for the Colonial Service in Nigeria from 1930 to 1960, and was the Deputy Governor 1958-1860. Died 23 December 1984 in Gloucestershire.